Gift Ideas

Our personalised retro sweet jars can be completely customised to say whatever you like! Here’s some we made earlier…

Gaming Treats

A great gift for gamers!

Happy Birthday

Buy something they’ll love!

Mum’s Jar

Mums needs a sweet stash!  

Dad’s Jar

Hands off Dad’s sweets!

Happy Christmas

Christmas is a time for sweets!

Grandma’s Jar

Grandmas need secret sweets!

Grandad’s Jar

Way more fun than socks!

Happy Anniversary

Celebrating something sweet!

You Make Life Sweet

For your sweet-heart!

Happy Halloween

Who needs trick or treating?

Trick Or Treat

Celebrate Halloween with sweets!

Happy 18th

Special gift for a big day!

Sweet Stash

Get your own sweet stash!

Family Jar

The perfect family gift!

Christmas Eve

Share them with Santa!
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