Most Popular Pick and Mix

Research, research, research….it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

We’ve ordered lots of sweets over the last few months to get our combination just right. Choosing the sweets for our website has led to lots of great discussions – and lots of taste testing. When we started looking through lists online of ‘TOP 50 RETRO SWEETS’, ‘MOST POPULAR PICK AND MIX’ and ‘MOST LOVED CHILDHOOD SWEETS’, it became obvious that we all have very different opinions!

We decided to go for a mixture of the old classics, while making sure we have the new favourites in there too. We’ve tried to cover all the angles – chocolate lovers (jazzies and snowies, pink and white mice), retro sweet lovers (candy necklaces, milk bottles, flying saucers), and fizzy sweet lovers (sour spiders, fizzy cola bottles, watermelon slices). There’s also a great range of vegetarian sweets in there too!

We’ve made it easy to choose what to go for too. You can either pick a range, for example ‘fizz free’, and we’ll send you a combination of as many different sweets in that range as we can – that way you might discover some new favourites! Our retro has the largest selection, and it’s definitely our most popular. You can also create your own mix and go straight for a bag of all your favourites – 5, 10 or 15 depending on the size of your pouch, or 10 in one of our personalised jars.

It all comes down to personal taste, but with over 50 different retro pick and mix sweets to choose from, we’ve hopefully got your favourites! What would be in your top 10?

After weeks of research, we decided to choose our own favourite sweets, go to the cinema and put our pouches to the test. I half-filled one of our ‘All Mine’ 500g pouches with my own personal top ten – jelly snakes, fried eggs, chocolate jazzies, wine gums, dolly mixtures, yellow bellies, jelly babies, mini mallows, fizzy cola bottles and jelly beans. They were so much tastier than the pick and mix you can buy at the cinema – really fresh and delicious. That half pack lasted all the way til the end of the film, and cost less than a box of popcorn! Try one of our fantastic pouches for yourself here

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